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Rickey D’s Professional Horse Training...Since 1976 ... A Journey Into Their Heart, Mind & Spirit, At Your Farm... Private Teaching and Horse Training In Sessions Services,  Three Hour Minimum.

Sign Up for RickeyD...Affordable Circuit Private Horse Training Co-ops  and Save. Sign up by Zip Code SC.NC. GA. and receve Available Dates of a Three Hour Private Horse Training or Teaching Service. Savings Grow as your Co-op Grows. Three Private Three Hour Sessions Per Day provided the same day in the same Zip Code. RickeyD...Providing Private Circuit Horse Training Sessions and or Teaching Services for Private Horse Farms, Owner Trainers, Other Finish Trainers, Families and Community Groups. At Your Farm Services, in Three Hour Short Sessions, Half Day Sessions, Full Day Sessions.                 

Why…Start Witin Problems, Have Your Horse Professionally Evaluated... by Rickey D... TODAY Learn To... Build Your Own Training Strategy for Your Horse - Improve Your Relationships - Solve Problems Click Sign Up / Free Info for FREE Informative E-publication by Email or Call 864-249-3402 for Apt.

RickeyD's Professional Services Includes... Private, Family or Group Services Teaching Sessions Provided - At Your Farm - At One of Rickey D's Host Training Farms In The Up/State of SC - and on the Trails for Trail Training and Problem Horse Work and First Time Trail Riders Training.

About: Private Horse Training Sessions Services Private Horses Training Sessions... Are Three Hour Minimum Services, Provided At Horse Owners Farm, Can include Multiple Horses and  Private Teaching Services or Family or Group Services.

About Gorup Horse Training Sessions Services Groups Services...Are Three Hour Minimum Services, Provided At Community, Group Boarding or Municipal Facilities, Can include Multiple Horses and One On One Teaching Services Within the Group.

Outbound Circuit Services Are Pre-booked Routine Services Provided to Customers in a Particular Region or zip code on a Particular date on a Biweekly - Monthly or Quality Bases.                                                                                                                                                         RickeyD's Practical Outbound Equine Training Services Are provided To Private and Commercial Farms Throughout SC.NC.GA.

Receiving Horses Form other States RickeyD’s Equine Host Farms in the Up-State of SC or Northwestern NC. Host All RickeyD's Private Horse Training Sessions and Provides an array of Co-op Horse Training Camps Year-round. Available in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Camps. 

Host Farms Classification Includes Private and Private light Commercial farms offers the best in horse training situation and care solutions for each individual horse coming in for Rickey D’s Private Training Sessions or Equine Co-op Training Camps or Juvenal Development Group Training as well as Private Individual Equine Training, Therapy, Problems Horse or Convalescing Work.

Rickey D’s Non-profit / Goodwill Equine Training Co-op Services Are Provided to Equines Victims of Cruelty, Equines, Displaced Dew to Progress or Economics isuess through Rickey D’s National Goodwill Equine Exchange & Adoption Affiliation Co-ops. A Goodwill co-sponsored program offered as a prevention service to individual equestrians effected by health problems or our nations need for progress or the economic down turn, as well as Equine Community or Rescue Groups and Municipalities with equine victims of cruelty Horses are received and services provided at one of Rickey D’ Contract Goodwill Training and Rehabilitation Farms then transfered to new owner Throughout North America.

RickeyD's Professional Services Includes, Short Sessions Services are Used for One or Two  Service - Bi-weekly Continuous - Monthly Routine Services. Needs Services are Provided At Your Farm witth No Long Term Contract Required. No Special Facilities Necessary. No Liability Accrued and or Atteched. No Training Time Lost Dew To Separation Anxiety. No Expensive Transportation Because Your Horse Never Leaves Home and You See All The Work.     

All Training Aides & Equipment Are Provided (For Saddle Horse Training)  Additional Services Includes DVD Documentation of Your Equines Training and Other Services Available, Lease/Option Available for Turf Trainers TM. A Equine Training Carts-Sleds-Harness designed to trach horses to pull.                                              

See...Turf Trainer TM by RickeyD. for Equine Training Carts Sale/Service.                                    

About Rickey D... A freelance, Professional Horse Trainer Since 1976. Most recognized for a successful career working with problem horses in all breeds throughout the Southeastern USA  Rickey D's Personal Horse Training and Traching Service area for 2013 is SC.NC.GA. Offering an array of reliable equine training and related services that equestrians have trusted for over 36 years.  With a renewed commitment to the equestrian future Rickey D also services North America as a National Low Cost / Non-profit Equestrian Preservationist and Equine or Related Services Provider and Cooperative Equine Training, Product and Services Contract Developer. In the ongoing development of a national chain for equine community Service co-op sanctuaries for the hereafter care of equines. National Co-op Network, preserves equine land for horses and provide equine services and products contract packages back to the communities they service, under the Trade Name (The National Equine Community Service Sanctuary Network TM.) See .http://rdnecsi.com for more info. on Non-profit & Goodwill Co-op Development Services. 

Rickey D's Professional Services Are Provided To English - Western - Sport & Driving/Pulling Horse Farms. Services includes an array of alternative Prep Services in Equine Training and Therapeutic Serivces - Teaching, Evaluation and Consulting Services for other finish trainers RickeyDs Co-op Horse Training Camps in the up of South Carolina. As well as Equine Convalescing - Rehabilitation - Behavior Management Techniques & Problem Horse Solutions.....Through Equine Characteristic Evaluations and Follow-through 

Receiving Clients In Private or Group Setting At Private Farms - Training Camp Farms, Host & Commercial Farms On the Trail & Other locations such as State Parks
Servicing Dangerous and other Horse Issues as an Independent Hands On Equine Contractor for State & Local Municipalities, Rescue, Community and other Groups with unknow or dangerous horse issues. This service includes Equine Evaluations, Consulting and Group Training in equine safety, Behavior Management, Problem horses, Rehabliitation and Training solutions for convalescing horses 

Clints Experience Levels From beginner to expert as well as physically challenged clients enjoy a full range of alternative horse training solutions, consulting, evaluation and other equine related services offered by Rickey D. and Custom Tailored to fit each Clints Personal needs

Mainly Employed By. RickeyD... is mainly employed by private horse owners at their farm as well as starting horses With a Specific Criteria for other equine professionals and finish trainers. Rickey D. maintaining a professional relationship with other professional equine service providers, breeding farms, stables, commercial riding stables, finish horse trainers, veterinary and other related equine business with a needs for Specialized Equine Problem Solutions, Behavior Management and other training and therapies or dangerous equines issues, including Liveable Solution Alteratives for Dysfunctional, Unbalanced or Rogues Equines.

(Short Sessions Service) Explanation Short Sessions Services are Provided with NO LONG TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED Making Rickey D's Short Sessions Services the perfect Solution for

  • Equine Safety Evaluations (To Lower Personal Liability and Improve Safety)
  • Equine Characteristic Evaluations for a suitable training direction
  • Continuous sessions for basic or routine horse training and touch-up workouts
  • Couching Owner Trainers 
  • Connecting horse and rider
  • Equine problem solving or situation solutions
  • While Your Away Emergency Services
  • Dependable Continuous Budgeting Services
  • Private, Group or Community Co-op Herd Management Services
  • and much more

What Are Short Sessions Services  Short Sessions Services Are...Three hour minimum Training/Teaching/Evaluation/Consulting Services Sessions provided with No long term contract ( Payment required at end of each services sessions)

Booking Your Next Short Session Services (Is a Simple, Free, No Obligation Consultation, Service Quotes and Apointment Format).

Booking your next professional short service sessions with RickeyD early, A simple in advance phone call  with all your contact infomation, A Quick consultation and Service Quote with Your Agreement will reserve your next appointment. be sure to call early...To reserve the weekday or weekend that meets your needs. weekdays or weekends are available at the same rates with advanced notes.

Budgeting Services All RickeyD's Budgeting Routine Equine Training Services provide the same professional results and apply to healthy horses at any age.

Rickey D's Owner/Trainer Assistance Service (A Biweekly Service) Learn How To Train Your Own Horse At Home

This Service Make a Wonderful Family Adventure or Wild Horse Experience Book Your Next Vacations and Start Your Own Horse With Rickey D's Owner Trainer Assistance Service and Learn How To Train Your Own Horse At Home. A Biweekly Service. Rickey D demonstrates the initial work, takes the first few rides and You do the repeat work and weeky Home Work. Rickey D rides until you feel confident to ride  ( works well...with routine short services as well as budgeting services) This services includes E-mail weekly Progress reports - Support - And additional instructions

(Discounts Contract Services Explanation Contract Discounts: are Timely Services Provided on Contract at a discounted service rate and required      Pre-monthly payments for continuous service sessions with a specific dates, days and time and number       or hours for each secession.  weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Routine horse training as well as per-booking for all other equine related services or any combination of services and or training carts, aide and  other equipment offering a discounts by Rickey D

These Contract Services are Perfect for  Long Term Routine Third Party Equine Safety Evaluations to Lower Commercial Equine Liability                                                                      

Small Equine operation looking for routine training and other combined services like consulting, training, teaching and coaching  services. Perfect for stables, boarding or riding facility or farms with more then a few horses that need Routine touch-up horse training or other related services

  • Stable’s willing to providing equine full services, educational and training solutions to their boarders
  • Commercial Start Up equine operations on a budget with a business strategies looking for future business.
  • Equine herd management services for co-op communities and groups looking for combind services packages
  • Third Party Consulting and Mediation for Equines Groups looking to share for Equine Services, Product packages, Land or Facility for their Activities
  • Alternative Solutions From Selling or Maintaining Your Farm
  • Downsizing Your Equine Herd Services
  • Just to name a few

Rickey D's Special Circumstances Personal Services Are Professional Services Tailored to the Clints with Special Circumstances and includes Equestrians with Special Needs - Fears & Phobias -Fears with Anxieties - Build or Rebuild Confidence - Reconnection Horse and Rider - Special Encouragement & Support Needs.

Custom Family Sessions Services Family Sessions Services are wonderful family orientated services designed to incorporate equine safety into the families equestrian experience with a full range of affordable alternative Equine Training/Therapeutic Teaching/Evaluation/Consulting services that provides professional results from the binger to expert horse persons as well as enhancing the families equine experience, safety and preference.

Custom Family Sessions Services Include                                                                                                                       

  • First Time Horse Owners or Adoptee Evaluations/Consulting Services
  • Equine Selection Services
  • Equine Safety Training Included
  • Custom Equine/Family Training Services
  • Custom Equine/Family Relationship Services
  • Professional Phone & E-mail Support that saves you money
  • Third Party Mediation - Equine Services, Product, Activities
  • and Many More Family Services   

Custom Group Sessions Custom Group Sessions Services are Geared for Accident Prevention and focus on hands on equine safety, edcation and training projects. Gorups Services are used by Equine Community Groups, Equine Rescue Groups, State & Local Municipalities with dangerous equine situations or other Groups looking for affordable alternatives in Equine Safety Edcation/Training/Therapeutic Teaching/Evaluation/Consulting services to service their particular training or educational situation and or to Handle and Teach their Group how to handle A dangerous equine situations At Hand.

All Services Includes... Professional e-mail consulting services 7 days a week and or phone services by appt.only. Used for progress reporting,, consulting and situation evaluations.                                                See Pro Equine Training: for In-depth Services Information.

Equine Community E Surveys Sign-Up to participate in equine and related E-surreys and Help Make a Difference. Equine E-surreys are the voice of your community. E E-Surveys are designed to up-date importance equine and related information to the condishion of our current equestrian economic situation and identify equine communities that Need Help with equine services and or products or goodwill services. Too locate communities willing to help other communities                                                                                                      

E E-Surveys Information is used by RDNECSI...A national non-profit/goodwill co-op development orginization that develops national, state & local equine community presavation programs related to equine or related Economic Recovery and Equine Hardship Program for equestrian communities throughout North America.

Equine Community E-Surveys Help Make a Difference in our Equestriam Future E-Surveys are Free Fast Easy Anonymous & Non-Governmental) Quesioneers 

<> Free & Anonymous Quesioneers
<> Independent (Non-Governmental) Studies  
<> Equine Economic & Hardship Orientated
<> Information is Connected by Zip Code
<> Designed for equine or related community economic recovery & equine hardship program 

Sign-Up TODAY...To participate in equine and related Time Sensitive  e e-surreys and Help Make a Difference in our Equestriam Future 

Click eCommunity or ee-surveys -side bar for more information or use ee-surveys/rickeydshorsetraining.com